SolderMate - Wireless Charging Welding Tool

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Create Sturdy Metal Bonds With The Help Of The SolderMate

In need of a soldering tool that can melt through tough materials with extreme ease? Work on both simple and complex soldering projects by using our powerful SolderMate.

Made with sturdy copper material, the SolderMate ensures high temperatures and quick heat transfers. The SolderMate comes with a very simple interface, so that you can just easily pick it up and start working.

Key Benefits

Wireless Design - Seamlessly work without any wires since the SolderMate is battery operated, helping you work any time and anywhere. You can charge it via a powerbank, laptop, or socket with its micro USB port.

Effortless Use - Efficiently designed for you, the SolderMate starts to heat up with a single press of a button. It even comes with its own stand so that you can rest from time to time.

Compact & Portable - Constructed with a sleek and portable design, the SolderMate is easy on the hands and lightweight enough to prevent fatigue. You can bring the SolderMate anywhere with you. Just pack it in your toolbag and you're ready to go!

Different Tips - The SolderMate comes with multiple tips for all your soldering needs. Just screw in the chosen tip onto the base and start soldering away!