Snuglee - Set Of Corduroy Bedding

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The Secret To Hours Of Uninterrupted Sleep

In need of a warm and comfy blanket to keep you cozy and snuggled up all night? Always feel safe and secure by wrapping yourself in our ultra-thick Snuglee.

The Snuglee is nice and soft and will keep you cuddled up in bed for hours. It's made with two different materials on each side so that you can experience a different type of comfort each time you flip the Snuglee.

Key Benefits

Warm Feel - Made of high-quality fabrics, the Snuglee is thick enough to to provide you with year round comfort. The Snuglee will help you sleep soundly by keeping you sheltered from the cold. 

Versatile Design - The Snuglee can be used during both cold and warm weather. This is due to its velvet fabric on one side and its regular soft milk fabric on the other.

Comfy Material - Our Snuglee not only provides you with outstanding comfort, but it's also gentle on the skin. This way, you won't feel too uncomfy even during the hot summer days.

Easy Care - You can hand wash the Snuglee or leave it in your washer when it gets too dirty. The Snuglee easily dries up despite its thick and fluffy material.