Smart Sleep Band

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Stay Asleep No Matter What


What It Does 

Say goodbye to sleepless nights, getting woken up your partner, neighbor, or anyone else. The Smart Sleep Band is the solution to your sleep problems, letting you enjoy sleep and the power of a good nights rest.

Cotton microfiber cotton gently but effectively keeps light out of your eyes, while built in ultra thin bluetooth earphones let you play your favorite favorite songs, so you can drift off to and stay soundly asleep.

With a 30 night trial, thousands of satisfied customers, and lives fundamentally changed, its the perfect addition to your sleep routine. 



Why You'll Love It

• Fall asleep in minutes With light blocked out and your favorite tunes playing, the Enjoying Sleep Mask ensures you fall asleep quickly and with ease.

• Stay asleep - With noise cancelation, light blocked out, and relaxing tunes playing (if you wish), you can rest assured that you’ll stay asleep, regardless of snoring, noise, light, or anything else  

• Listen in bed - If you like to listen to anything with headphones in bed, you know the discomfort of headphones digging into your ear if you lay on your side. Listen to anything you want, anytime you want, for however long you want in bed with comfort. 

•. De-stress and relax - After a long (or short) day, dig into your song or podcast with no distractions, relax on cloud 9, and let the stress of the day fade away. 

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  • Bluetooth enabled
  • 10 hour battery life 
  • 2 hour charge time
  • Hypoallergenic ultrasoft nylon / lycra fabric blend 
  • > 1/4" earphone thickness 
  • Machine washable when earphones removed
  • Bluetooth version: V 5.0+ EDR 
  • 45-65 foot wireless range 
  • 2-2.5 charge time 
  • Up to 10 hour play time 
  • Material: ultra comfort fabric blend 
  • Package contents: 1x smart sleep band / USB to micro USB charging cable / 1x user manual