Essential Pillow

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Whole Body Comfort Like You've Never Experienced


What It Does

The Essential Pillow brigs comfort in bed to a whole new level. Our ultrashort plush stuffing supports you no matter how you sleep, relieving neck and back pain, making it perfect for side, back, or stomach sleepers

The pillow's u-shaped design lets you snuggle with it in an infinite number of positions, letting you find the right one to doze off in soundly asleep. 

The pillow is perfect for not sleeping as well. Its flexible design lets you sit up comfortably in bed while you read your favorite book or watch your favorite show. 


Why You'll Love It 

•  Pain away - With its u-shaped design and plush filling, the Essential Pillow supports you no matter what position you're in or what kind of sleeper you are, alleviating pain and keeping you comfortable.  

• Comfortable rest - Its flexible design and two arms let you sip up in bed, on the sofa, or anywhere else comfortable, so you can truly enjoy your favorite show or book in total comfort. 

• Sound sleep - By supporting you no matter how you sleep, its plush filling, and letting you snuggle with it, the Essential Pillow is sure to keep you sound asleep through the entire night

• Pregnancy & nursing made a bit easier - The Essential Pillow supports the curves of your body, giving any prospective parent the support they need. Its flexible design lets you sit up in bed, holding your little one close, and staying comfortable while nursing


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  • Size: 130cm x 70cm 
  • Weight: 1.3 kg 
  • Material: comfort fleece / form fitting filler