Essential Cable

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One Cable For All Your Devices 


The ONLY cable you'll EVER need! Declutter and charge your devices with the Essential Cable. Its interchangeable magnetic heads let you charge all your devices with just one cable, keeping you organized and your tech charged. 


Why You'll Love It

Always Organized 

One cable for all your devices means no more tangled cables and always staying organized, so you can keep the space around you clear and stay focus on what matters.

 Fast Charging

With 3 amps of max current and our ultra strong magnets, the Essential cable charges your devices around 30% faster than normal, so you can charge in a hurry, and always have your devices when you need them. 

Comfort While Using 

A 540° (360° + 180° across two planes) rotating head means you can comfortably use your phone when it's charging without your hand getting in the way. Enjoy your favorite shows, games, catch up on emails, or chat with friends comfortably while charging your mobile devices. 

Charge Everything 

Three magnetic heads mean you can charge any electronic device. Apple, Android, headphones, speakers, MacBooks, laptops, or anything else, the Essential Cable has you covered.

  • The Essential Cable comes with a 4 month manufacturer's warranty. 
    • If your cable is defective / stops working due to a manufacturing error, simply message us via chat support on the site, on Facebook, or email us at, and your cable will be replaced or refunded.
  • Q: What devices is the cable compatible with?
    • A:  Most consumer electronic devices! It's compatible with all Apple products that use the lighting cable (iPhone, iPad, AirPods, etc), and all Mac, Android and PC products that use micro USB / USB c charging (MacBooks, Samsung mobile devices, bluetooth headphones, speakers, etc)
  • Q: Does the cable support data transfer?  
    • A: It Does! You can use the Essential Cable to transfer data from device to device, from a device to a hard drive, or any other way you want. 
  • Q: Is the Cable safe/Will it damage my device 
    • A: The cable is perfectly safe to use and it won't damage your device. All our cables come with safeguards to prevent device damage, short circuiting and overheating. Quality control checks are performed frequently. 
  • Q: Can I keep the magnetic heads in my device? 
    • A: Yes you can! Keeping the heads in your device would allow you to charge faster and easier. 
  • 14 free returns
    • Simply email us at, message us on Facebook, or via chat support on this site and your return will be processed the same day. (Please see our return policy for more information) 
  • Free 5-10 day worldwide express shipping
  • Secure order tracking
    • Tracking numbers are provided when orders are processed, almost always the next day. We send you shipping status emails at every stage of the journey, and you can track your order on this site by going to support > tracking.
  • Ships with USPS and Yunexpress
    • We use USPS to ship within the United States, and Yunexpress to ship internationally
  • Package contents: 1x essential cable, 1x Apple lighting magnetic charging head, 1x micro USB magnetic charging head, 1x USB C magnetic charging head
  • Rotation Ability: 540°
  • Cable Materials: Aluminum alloy & braided nylon
  • Compatibility: Any device that uses a lighting, micro USB, or USB C charging cable