Orderly - All In One Charging Stand

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All Your Essentials In One Place 


What It Does 

• Orderly makes sure you have all your electronics in one, convenient place, making it the perfect addition to your home 

• Orderly charges all of your apple devices wirelessly at one time at one time, only needing to be plugged into the wall

• Orderly is small, thin, and collapsable, taking up as little space as possible and ensuring you can put it anywhere. 



Why You'll Love It

• No more cables - Orderly is wireless charging and only needs to be plugged into a wall outlet once, letting you say goodbye to all your cables and the headache that comes with them 

• Never looking - Orderly lets you keep all of your electronics in one place, ensuring never have to spend time looking for your misplaced phone or headphones 

• Order anywhere - Easily foldable and portable, orderly can fit in your pocket, letting you take it and the order it brings anywhere

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