Portable Insect Trapper

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Be Free From Pesky Bugs One And For All 


Why You'll Love It 

Rid your home of pesky flying insects inside and outside. Its the perfect solution to all your summer bug problems. 

Using a powerful vortex and being inherently attractive to flying bugs like mosquitoes, rest assured the Portable insect Trapper will have your back. 

Wherever the Portable Insect Trapper Goes, bugs stay away. Simply set it down or hang it anywhere, turn it on, and enjoy life bug free.



What It Does 

Bug free - Simply set the insect trapper down beside you, turn it on, and bask in the glory of a bug free world. Say goodbye to mosquito bites and say hello to bug free peace of mind. 

Protection anywhere you go - With its lightweight portable design, you can take the insect trapper with you and ensure you stay bug free wherever you are, no matter what. A vegan leather strap lets you hang it beside you for an extra layer of versatility. 

Health protection - Bugs like mosquitoes can carry harmful diseases like malaria and zika. Protect yourself from harmful health compromising pests like mosquitoes with the Portable Insect Trapper. 

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  • Dimensions: 22 x 12 cm 
  • Input voltage: 5V / 500mA
  • Weight: 460g